Xenon (Motherboard)

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Part NumberX803600
IntroducedLate 2005
Used InXbox 360 (Original)
CPU TypeWaternoose
GPU TypeY1
CPU Process90nm
GPU Process90nm
eDRAM Process90nm
Nand Size16MB (Retail)
64MB (Dev)
Video OutputsA/V
12V Amperage16.5A

Xenon is the first motherboard and is used in the Original Xbox 360 series. The motherboard has a unique board layout compared to the later boards, especially noticeable with the capacitors around the CPU heatsink, and use of the ANA chip.


  • At some point in 2006, at least one of the manufacturers of the Xenon started applying glue around the CPU and GPU
  • Some consoles use small yellow 820uF capacitors, while other consoles use silver 820uF solid capacitors
  • Some capacitors used for voltage regulation positioned around the CPU heatsink are defective and prone to failure (see Capacitor Plague for details)
  • There are two different versions of the XSB southbridge used, initially G0, and later switching to R0
  • At some point in 2006, the extended GPU heatsink started being used on some systems instead of the low profile GPU heatsink




Elpis is a modified Xenon used for refurbishing defective Xenon based systems. Major changes include use of the Elpis GPU and software differences.