Elpis (GPU)

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Elpis (GPU)
Part NumberX819195
IntroducedMid 2009
Designed ByATi
Used InElpis (Motherboard)
Clock Speed500MHz
Memory10MB eDRAM
Process80nm (Both dies)
PackageFlip-chip BGA1017

Elpis is an 80nm GPU specifically made for retrofitting faulty Xenon motherboards. Once retrofitted, the motherboard is also referred to as Elpis. The Elpis GPU was created by slightly modifying the fixed (higher Tg) version of the Rhea GPU.



  • 500Mhz clock speed
  • 48 floating-point vector processors divided into 3 dynamically scheduled SIMD groups (16 each)
  • Unified shader architecture
  • 16 texture addressing units
  • 16 texture filtering units
  • 8 pixel rendering pipelines
  • Direct access to CPU L2 cache
  • B14L stepping
  • 80nm process


  • 10MB 256GB/s DRAM
  • Contains logic for:
    • 4-sample anti-aliasing
    • Alpha compositing
    • Color
    • Z/stencil buffering
  • FS21 stepping
  • 80nm process


A Korean Elpis

The only known change from Rhea to create Elpis was swizzling (flipping) the PCIe balls on the chip in order to match the ballout of the original 90nm Y1 chip it replaces. Like Rhea, it uses the Styx eDRAM. These chips are known to be reliable.

  • Part Number: X819195