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The first motherboard, Xenon
The final motherboard, Winchester

The Motherboard is the central component of the Xbox 360. Every other electrical component connects to and is managed by it.

Major Components

Board Matrix

Motherboards are listed in chronological order.

Retail Motherboards

Production motherboards used in retail consoles.

Console Motherboard XCPU GPU Southbridge Analog Chip 12V Amps
Xbox 360
Xenon Waternoose Y1 XSB ANA 16.5A
Zephyr_A Waternoose Y1 XSB HANA 16.5A
Zephyr_B Waternoose Y2 XSB HANA 16.5A
Zephyr_C Waternoose Rhea XSB HANA 16.5A
Falcon Loki Rhea XSB HANA 14.2A
Jasper_A1 Loki Zeus PSB HANA 12.1A
Tonasket Loki Kronos PSB HANA 12.1A
Xbox 360 S Trinity Vejle PSB HANA 10.86A
Corona Vejle KSB 9.6A
Waitsburg Vejle KSB 9.6A
Xbox 360 E Stingray Vejle KSB 9.6A
Winchester Oban KSB 9.6A

Special Motherboards

Additional motherboards used for refurbishment or specialized cases.

Console Motherboard XCPU GPU Southbridge Analog Chip 12V Amps Notes
Xbox 360
Jasper_A0 Loki Zeus XSB HANA 12.1A Never used in retail production
Opus Loki Rhea XSB HANA 14.2A Used for refurbishing non-HDMI consoles until Elpis
Elpis Waternoose Elpis XSB ANA 16.5A Used for refurbishing Xenons
Advanced Loki Zeus or
PSB HANA 12.1A Used in the XDK-GB, 1GB RAM