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The RF Board is a small PCB that plugs into the front of the motherboard. It is responsible for wireless controller connection and the front panel buttons/LEDs.

Original Xbox 360

The RF board on the Original Xbox 360 contains the power button and Ring-Of-Light LEDs.


Codename Argon. Used on all Original Xbox 360's except for Tonasket. Multiple revisions exist with minor differences.


Known as xFreedom. Used on Tonasket.

Xbox 360 S

The RF board on the Xbox 360 S has capacitive sensors for the power button and eject button. It also contains the sync button and Ring-Of-Light LEDs.



Xbox 360 E

The RF board on the Xbox 360 E is split into two PCBs, connected by a ribbon cable. The main PCB connected to the motherboard contains the primary functionality. The smaller secondary PCB - attached to the faceplate - contains power button, eject button, sync button, and Ring-Of-Light LEDs.


Ring of Light