Elpis (Motherboard)

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Part NumberX803600
IntroducedEarly 2009
Used InXbox 360 (Original)
CPU TypeWaternoose
GPU TypeElpis
CPU Process90nm
GPU Process90nm
eDRAM Process90nm
Nand Size16MB
Video OutputsA/V
12V Amperage16.5A

Elpis is a motherboard created by Microsoft by modifying a Xenon, and has a different GPU and software. Elpis motherboards were used for refurbishing defective Xenons up until 2011.

Notable Differences

The Elpis GPU
  • The 90nm Y1 GPU has been replaced with the 90nm Elpis GPU
  • The board uses the 7xxx series CB bootloader instead of the 1xxx series used on Xenon
    • The reason for this is unknown as the 1xxx series CBs work fine with the Elpis GPU.