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Sidecar is a development accessory used on Development and Test consoles.



  • If left without power for a long time, the bitstream on the flash may be lost and must be reprogrammed via USB

DVD Emulation

Performance Investigator for Xbox

Type 1

Codenamed Chameleon. Used on the Xbox 360 Development Console and Xbox 360 Test Console. Access to both USB ports for both DVD Emulation and PIX, depending on kit type. It plugs into the motherboard via an extended cut in Chassis and sits on top of the console where the Hard Drive usually connects. As a result, the hard drive is included inside the sidecar.

Prototype Version 1

The only difference on these sidecars is the port label engraving says DBG PIX instead of just PIX. They are a dark black color. Only Found on XeDKs.

Prototype Version 2

Port engraving for PIX now only says PIX, same as final. The same dark black color as prototype version 1.

Type 2

Used on the Xbox 360-GB Development Console and Xbox 360-GB Test Console. Retains risers left over from cancelled GbE testing. The PCB is still the same as Type 1, but the newly designed Sidecar shell covers the PIX port permanently. Like the Type 1 Sidecar, it sits on top of the console where the Hard Drive usually connects, and has hard drive included inside.

EV Type 2

Used on Prototype Xbox 360 XDK-GB units. Features a Gigabit ethernet board, with a cutout for the ethernet port.

Type 3

Redesigned for the Xbox 360 S Development Console. Significantly more modular than previous sidecar types. It plugs into a daughter board located inside unit, which plugs into the motherboard. The PIX port has been completely removed. The Hard Drive is no longer part of the sidecar and remains in its normal position inside the console.