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Part NumberX812320
IntroducedLate 2007
Used InXbox 360 (Original)
CPU TypeLoki
GPU TypeRhea
CPU Process65nm
GPU Process80nm
eDRAM Process80nm
Nand Size16MB (Retail)
64MB (Dev)
Video OutputsA/V and HDMI
12V Amperage14.2A

Falcon is the successor to the Zephyr_C motherboard and is used in the Original Xbox 360 series.

Notable Differences

  • The 90nm Waternoose CPU has been replaced with the 65nm Loki CPU
  • When the revised GPUs rolled out, around March 2008, all board started using Qimonda HYB18H1G321AF-14 RAM in a 4x128MB config
  • Qimonda HYB18H512322AF-13 RAM has been replaced with Qimonda HYB18H512321BF-14
  • When the revised GPUs rolled out, Hynix HY5RS123235BFP-14 and Qimonda HYB18H512321BF-13 RAM are no longer used
  • Around March 2008, fixed GPUs started being used
  • The V_CPUCORE voltage regulation is now 2 phases, down from 3 phases, but the pads and silkscreen for the third phase still remain
  • The V_CPUVCS rail was added for the Loki CPU
  • The board layout has been modified to support the Loki CPU
  • The J7G3 Titan connector on the front of the motherboard was left on the final motherboard
  • Some later boards use solid state capacitors for the CPU and GPU output filters
  • The heatpipe CPU heatsink was replaced with the aluminum CPU heatsink, however some early boards did not have this change



The Opus name describes a project of fitting a Falcon board into the casings for a Xenon. This was done with a custom A/V port, and the removal of the HDMI port. Opus was used for refurbishing defective consoles until the Elpis boards started being produced.

Notable Differences

  • Removal of the HDMI port
  • Custom A/V port to fit the HDMI board layout while being able to fit into the Xenon casing
  • All Opus boards use revised versions of the Rhea GPU with higher Tg underfill
  • All Opus boards use 4x128MB Qimonda HYB18H1G321AF-14 RAM