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Part NumberX815842
IntroducedLate 2008
Used InXbox 360 (Original)
CPU TypeLoki
GPU TypeZeus
CPU Process65nm
GPU Process65nm
eDRAM Process80nm
Nand Size16MB, 256MB, 512MB
Video OutputsA/V and HDMI
12V Amperage12.1A

Jasper is the successor to the Falcon motherboard and is used in the Original Xbox 360 series.

Notable Differences

A July 2009 Jasper with a Kronos GPU
  • The 80nm Rhea GPU has been replaced with the 65nm Zeus GPU
  • Hynix H5RS5223CFR-14C and Hynix H5RS1H23MFR-14C RAM were added as options
  • The XSB Southbridge has been replaced with the PSB Southbridge
  • Arcade Jaspers came with 256MB (later 512MB) nand chips that combine system storage and a Memory Unit
  • Traces and pads for an additional flash controller (referred to as "DUMBO" or "PANDA") have been added, but never populated
  • Very late Jaspers manufactured in July 2009 come with the Kronos GPU instead of the Zeus GPU
  • Some boards use solid state capacitors for the CPU and GPU output filters
  • Some of the boards no longer have glue applied around the CPU and GPU




An APV XDK-GB-1 board with the Zeus GPU

Jasper was modified slightly for the Xbox 360-GB Development Console. Support for 1GB of RAM was added by routing the 13th addressing line. Other minor changes and cleanup were made. The exact board name is unknown but begins with an 'A', hardware phases included AEV, ADV, and APV. Early versions use the Zeus GPU, while later boards used Kronos.


Tonasket is a minor revision of Jasper. Major changes include use of the Kronos GPU and board layout cleanup.