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Part NumberX820379
IntroducedLate 2009
Used InXbox 360 (Original)
CPU TypeLoki
GPU TypeKronos
CPU Process65nm
GPU Process65nm
eDRAM Process65nm
Nand Size16MB, 512MB
Video OutputsA/V and HDMI
12V Amperage12.1A

Tonasket is the successor to the Jasper, and is the final motherboard used in the Original Xbox 360 series. It is considered a revision of Jasper despite having its own name.

Commonly referred to by the community (but not by Microsoft) as "Kronos", a reference to the GPU used.

Notable Differences

  • The 65nm Zeus GPU has been replaced with the 65nm Kronos GPU, which shrinks the eDRAM to 65nm
  • Samsung K4J10324QD-HC14 RAM was added as an option
  • Hynix H5RS5223CFR-14C RAM is no longer used
  • 8x64MB RAM configurations are no longer used, but still supported by the motherboard
  • The 256MB nand chip was no longer used, only 512MB configurations were used in the Arcade SKU
  • The additional traces and pads for DUMBO/PANDA flash controller were removed
  • An alternate simplified standby circuit for V_3P3STBY and V_1P8STBY was added, but only some manufacturers used it
  • The board layout was cleaned up
  • All motherboards use an updated RF02 board
  • The extended GPU heatsink was reverted back to the low profile GPU heatsink
  • All boards now use solid state capacitors for the CPU and GPU output filters
  • There is no longer glue applied around the CPU and GPU