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The Xbox 360 has used multiple different type of heatsinks for cooling the processors.

Xbox 360 (Original)

The Original Xbox 360 used 2 heatsinks: one for the CPU, and one for the GPU. There were also 2 different versions of each heatsink.

Heatpipe CPU

Used on the Xenon, Zephyr, and Elpis motherboards. It was also used on very early versions of the Falcon motherboard. Later revisions found on late 2006 and newer boards had less of a cutout near the rounded heat pipe on the side.

Aluminum CPU

Used on the Falcon, Jasper, and Tonasket motherboards.

Low Profile GPU

Used on early/mid Xenon motherboards, Zephyr_A motherboards, and returned on the Tonasket motherboard.

Extended GPU

Used on late Xenon, Zephyr_B/C, Elpis, Falcon, and Jasper motherboards.

Xbox 360 S and Xbox 360 E

The Xbox 360 S and Xbox 360 E use a single heatsink for the CGPU. There were 2 versions of the heatsink. Both versions have an upward-blowing fan mounted on them.

Tall Slug

Used on the Trinity motherboard. This heatsink was only used for a brief time.

Short Slug

Used on the Trinity, Corona, Waitsburg, and Stingray motherboards. It was also used on Winchester with slightly shortened pegs on the bottom, as Winchester removed the integrated heat spreader.


Workbench Cooler

Used internally in a variety of applications. This heatsink featured a copper slug and a downward-blowing Cooler Master fan. The thermal interface material (TIM) is sized big enough to fit Shiva, XCPU, or the GPU.

Shiva CPU

Used with Shiva on early prototype Xenon motherboards. Also used on early boards with Waternoose. When used with Shiva, the standoffs were lengthened to account for the IHS. To accommodate this, the heatsink is shorter than the final heatsink.

Trinity Prototype

Used on early Trinity prototypes, this heatsink is taller than the final heatsink and does not have a copper slug. A downward-blowing Cooler Master or Delta branded fan is mounted on top.