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The Xbox 360 has used multiple different type of fans for cooling the processors. The fans are controlled by the SMC using the Thermal Algorithm.

Dual Fan

Dual fan assemblies were used in the Original Xbox 360 and pulled air through the heatsink through a shroud. There are 3 different fans used from different vendors. For Xenon motherboards, the connector is a 4-pin connector, with a power and ground for each fan. All other models use a 3-pin fan connector with a common ground and power for each fan.


  • Model: AUB0712HH


  • Model: E35427-55MIC13


  • Model: KDE1207PTVX-A

Single Fan

The Xbox 360 S and Xbox 360 E used a single fan mounted directly to the heatsink in a more traditional configuration. There are 4 different fans used from different vendors. They use a 4-pin PWM connector.

Cooler Master

  • Model: FA09025H12LPA

Delta (Type 1)

  • Model: AUB0912HH

Delta (Type 2)

  • Model: AUB0912HH


  • Model: AUB0912HH