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Development Kit
An XDK-GB with branded Type 2 Sidecar
TypeDevelopment Console
IntroducedLate 2005

A Development Kit, also known as an XDK, is a version of the Xbox 360 console designed for developing games and content for the system. They have full development bootloaders which allow game developers full access to the console's memory for remote debugging.

Xbox 360 Development Console

The Xbox 360 Development Console, or XDK, has a dark gray/charcoal case with a lighter gray Type 1 Sidecar.

Introduced Late 2005
Motherboard Xenon, later Zephyr, Jasper, and Tonasket
Storage 80GB, later 120GB Hard Drive
Sidecar Type 1
Color Console: Dark gray/charcoal
Sidecar: Light gray

Xbox 360-GB Development Console

The Xbox 360-GB Development Console, or XDK-GB, has a deep purple case, a chrome blue Sidecar, and matching chrome blue DVD bezels. The RF Board was also revised with Blue LEDs. They were publicly previewed at GDC 2009 alongside the reveal of updates to XNA Game Studio. It comes in 3 variants.

Introduced Early 2010
Motherboard Jasper Advanced
RAM 1GB in 2 512MB pools
Storage 120GB Hard Drive
Sidecar Type 2
Color Console: Deep purple
Sidecar: Chrome blue

Variant 1

These units were released in Early 2010 and are commonly referred to as "EXPO" units. They came with an XNA branded Faceplate and an XNA tribal branded Sidecar.

Known ConfigIDs
  • XDK-GB-1
  • Jasper XDK-PV-1

Variant 2

These units were released in Mid 2010 and were equipped with a standard non-branded faceplate. They retained the XNA branded Sidecar.

Known ConfigIDs
  • AK1-00077 PV-1

Variant 3

These units were released in Mid to Late 2010 and had no branding on the faceplate or Sidecar.

Known ConfigIDs
  • AK1-00077 PV-1

Xbox 360 S Development Console

An XDK S with Sidecar

The Xbox 360 S Development Console, or XDK S, redesigned the kit around the Xbox 360 S, which significantly reduced its price and size. It also includes a redesigned Type 3 Sidecar.

When the Sidecar is not attached, the console operates as a Test Kit.

Introduced Late 2010
Motherboard Trinity, later Corona
RAM 1GB in 2 512MB pools
Storage 250GB Hard Drive
Sidecar Type 3
Color Console: Matte black