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Unit Group is known as XeDK, or Xenon Development Kit. Initial Release using EV4 Hardware. Units sent to game developers through the Partner Program to replace Alpha hardware

Refresh 1

First beta refresh hardware sent to developers.

Cosmetic Variations

Either the large warning label and/or the FCC prototype label will not be present on the case.

Known Configurations

  • XeDK-7A, build assembly: X803166-001.
  • XeDK-8C, build assembly: X803167-001.
  • XeDK-9E, build assembly: X803168-001.
Delivery May 2005
Manufactured Late 2004
Motherboard PCB X801054-007
Storage 60GB Hard Drive
Sidecar Prototype Version 1
Color Console: Light Black

Refresh 2

Known Configuration

  • XeDK DV
Delivery Early 2005
Manufactured Early 2005
Motherboard PCB X801054-008
Storage 60GB Hard Drive
Sidecar Prototype Version 2
Color Console: Black

Refresh 3

Known Configurations

  • XeDK-1, build assembly: X806033-001. 5700 units.
  • XeDK-2, build assembly: X806034-001. 7150 units.
Delivery Mid 2005
Manufatured August 2005
Motherboard PCB X803600-009
Storage 60GB Hard Drive
Sidecar Early: Prototype Version 2
Later: Type 1
Color Console: Dark Gray
Early Sidecar: Black
Later Sidecar: Light Grey