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Configuration ID is an identifier that references a master build-up document. It's broken down as the following:

  • Unit motherboard
  • Engineering phase EV, DV, or PV
  • Milestone # of aforementioned hardware phase
  • Build-up ID # as designed by the master configID bill-of-materials.

Deviation Config

A type of configuration ID for units that have continued bill-of-material changes after the initial hardware is launched to consumers. These units are considered PV hardware as they are small batches of units with changes to the base bill-of-materials. Deviation configs reference a master build-up document.

  • DEV01337
  • SB00269

Lamprey Configured

Unit equipped with Lamprey wires. The term "Stress kits" is a misnomer. All units, retail to dev, are stressed during manufacturing.

Internal Retail

Retail systems used internally to test kernels and user experience feedback.

Non-VMC Assets

VMC consulting corporation was a company Microsoft used to conduct user experience testing. Non-VMC asset means that the unit is not an owned asset of VMC.

Development Kit Configuration

Or simply DK configured. Not only will units in the Partner Program be equipped with a sidecar. But EV, DV, or PV units can be configured with sidecar. The configID will reflect if the unit is DK configured. Examples:

Internal SKUs

System Level Tester

SLT. Configuration in which a unit is set up to test a certain aspect or "level" of the system. Such as, but not limited to, the GPU, CPU, or Southbridge. Different external plastics could be used for engineers to access the system more easily. SLT systems can also feature hot-swap sockets.