Demo Kit

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Demo Kit
TypeDemo Console
IntroducedLate 2005

A Demo Kit is a version of the Xbox 360 console used by game developers to demonstrate builds of games at conventions. They do not come with a Sidecar and thus include a standard 20GB Hard Drive. They were specifically designed to look like a retail console to not draw attention from the public.

Xenon Motherboard

Xenon based Demo Kits are white like a Retail console. Early consoles may contain a secondary serial barcode sticker. Some contain the Sidecar power header while others don't.

Zephyr Motherboard

Demo Kits based on the Zephyr motherboard are white and come in two variants. Some kits have a white manufacturing label with a Demo sticker near the A/V port, while others have a black manufacturing label and no Demo sticker.

Jasper Motherboard

Jasper based Demo Kits are black like the Xbox 360 Elite. May have development or test bootloaders.

Trinity Motherboard

Trinity based Demo Kits are matte black, like the Xbox 360 S, and use test bootloaders.