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Note  This page is a technician's reference. You will need Schematic and/or Boardview files to follow these steps.

ANA_V12P0_PWRGD is driven high by the ANA (later HANA and eventually KSB) as long as the V_12P0 rail is within tolerance. If V_12P0 ever drops out of tolerance, the signal is de-asserted, causing the SMC to enter EC_FATAL and the 0001 code to be displayed on the front panel.

Short Circuit

  • Check if V_12P0 is shorted
  • If it is, check circuit sections input side to localize short
    • Lift at least 1 pin of the inductors to isolate sections before checking
    • CPU VREG
    • GPU VREG (Not on Xbox 360 S/E motherboards)
    • V_5P0 VREG
      • Also responsible for V_1P8 on the Original Xbox 360 motherboards, V_3P3 on Xbox 360 S/E motherboards
    • V_12P0 Bleeder

PSU Enable and Power Good

  • Everything in this section must be checked quickly, as the SMC will shut down power upon entering EC_FATAL
  • Check PSU_V12P0_EN signal components
    • If components are fine but the signal is missing, replace Southbridge
  • Check 12V on DC jack
    • If missing, check DC jack
  • Check ANA_V12P0_PWRGD (V12P0_PWRGD on Corona and Winchester)
    • If present, replace Southbridge
    • If missing, check V_12P0_DET circuit
    • If V_12P0_DET is fine, but the signal is missing, replace ANA/HANA/KSB