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Test Kit
TypeTest Console
IntroducedLate 2005

A Test Kit is a version of the Xbox 360 console designed for developers to test their games and content. This can be done via DVD emulation or dev-signed DVDs. They have test Bootloaders which prevent remote debugging.

Xbox 360 Test Console

The Xbox 360 Test Console has a white case resembling a Retail console, with a matching white Type 1 Sidecar. The Sidecar has the PIX covered.

Introduced Late 2005
Motherboard Xenon, later Zephyr, Jasper, and Tonasket
Storage 80GB, later 120GB Hard Drive
Sidecar Type 1
Color White

Xbox 360-GB Test Console

The Xbox 360-GB Development Console has a deep purple case, a chrome green Sidecar, and matching chrome green DVD bezels. It comes in 3 variants.

Introduced Early 2010
Motherboard Slightly modified Jasper
RAM 1GB in 2 512MB pools
Storage 120GB Hard Drive
Sidecar Type 2
Color Console: Deep purple
Sidecar: Chrome green

Variant 1

These units were released in Early 2010 and are commonly referred to as "EXPO" units. They came with an XNA branded Faceplate and an XNA tribal branded Sidecar.

Known ConfigIDs
  • XDK-GB-2
  • Jasper XDK-PV-2

Variant 2

These units were released in Mid 2010 and were equipped with standard non-branded faceplate. They retained the XNA branded Sidecar.

Known ConfigIDs
  • AK1-00078 PV-1

Variant 3

These units were released in Mid to Late 2010 and had no branding on the faceplate or Sidecar.

Known ConfigIDs
  • AK1-00078 PV-1