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The SMC or System Management Controller is software that runs on an Intel 8051 microprocessor core in the Southbridge. The SMC is responsible for controlling all components of the system.


  • SMC firmware is located on the nand and is loaded onto the SMC processor by a small bootloader ROM
  • SMC firmware binary size is 12KB on XSB and PSB, 14KB on KSB
  • GPIO pins on the Southbridge are used to interact with board signals
  • XSS can communicate with the SMC


Primary duties of the SMC include:

  • Controlling System Power
  • Power On and Shut Down Sequences
  • Voltage Regulation Control and Monitoring
  • System Clock Control
  • Thermal Monitoring and Fan Control
  • System Error Reporting
  • DVD Drive Tray Control
  • Button and Status Indicator Control
  • Controller Pairing and Sync
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • SMBus (I2C) Control

SMC Config

A small block of configuration data known as the SMC Config, located in the Nand, is used to configure certain options on the system.