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Note  Article under construction


Pre-JADK GB prototypes with either be a Bringup Configuration or have a Sidecar attached. They will be in a white case and have various info and internal tracking stickers.

1GB Config-11

Only known unit that uses the configuration 1GB Config-11 is console number 69. This unit does not have Lamprey programming cables.


June 2008. JEVC3-13 configured units have a light gray Type 1 Sidecar. They are in a white case, with RF02. The Sidecar on these units was most likely used in conjunction with xbRevive to allow flashing to the console through DVD Emulation; as these units were rarely supplied to Developers, if at all.



December 2008. By this stage of XDK-GB prototyping, the Prototype Type 2 Sidecar design first appears. In a very deep blue, almost black color. It also is the first time we see an early GbE board added to the sidecar. The console is in a white case and features an inverted blue LED xFreedom.



March - April 2009 prototypes. Units used at GDC 2009 and onward until release of final developer hardware in 2010. The Prototype Type 2 Sidecar sees the same design as the Xbox 360-GB Development Console variants 1 and 2; XNA tribal branding. While at GDC 2009 these units lacked internal MTE/Config labels. In addition, there was a barcode sticker over the additional GbE port. This was done to accurately represent the final development kit that would be later sent to developers. None-showcase ADK EV3's had MTE/Config labels and no barcode sticker. Early ADK EV3 units had parts dated 2008 but with a 2009 build date on MFR. Later parts would be made in 2009. These units also featured a blue LED xFreedom

Decommissioned ADK EV3

  • Gutted GbE board and blue LED.